Fresh Harvest 365 uses new technology to turn shipping containers into hydroponic gardens to grow fresh, local produce.

The high-tech hydroponic gardens use proprietary software to grow vegetables regardless of the location’s climate or weather.

This new approach to farming addresses sustainability needs in the agriculture industry. The containers are energy-efficient, water-efficient and produce little waste. The method requires no herbicides or pesticides. Vertical farming can grow more food per square foot; The 40-foot container can grow the same amount of produce as a 3.5-acre farm which is about 3 tons of produce harvested per year.

All the produce is delivered to grocers, restaurants, schools, non-profits and the homeless within a 20-mile radius making it hyper-local food. This allows for reduced shipping costs along with improved freshness and shelf life.

Seneca Commercial Real Estate partnered with Demetrius Bledsoe to bring a new standard of locally grown produce to area neighborhoods.

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Key Stats

40-foot container

Services/Unique Features

Operates 365 days per year regardless of weather.

Uses no herbicides and no pesticides

Use of minimal electricity or water

Produces little waste

Can grow the equivalent of more than 3.5 acres of produce per year in a 40-foot container

20-mile delivery radius making it hyper-local food.






“I wake up everyday with a new sense of purpose. I never know what to expect when I get to the farm I do know, it will be a great learning experience and a fulfilling outcome.”

Cory – Urban Farmer

“Working with Seneca CRE has helped us support local initiatives to reduce the Food Deserts in the community and provide hyperlocal produce to grocers and restaurants year-round.”

Demetrius Bledsoe

project name

Fresh Harvest 365

project location

St. Charles, Missouri

team partners

owner / client

Demetrius Bledsoe


seneca commercial real estate llc


Demetrius Bledsoe; Larry Chapman

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