Fresh Harvest 365 (FH365) is the latest game-changing concept to have a major, positive impact to the St. Louis community.

Seneca Commercial Real Estate has partnered with Demetrius Bledsoe to bring a new standard of locally grown produce to neighborhoods across the area.

FH365 takes advantage of new technology that allows the conversion of shipping containers into fully functional high-tech hydroponic gardens using proprietary software that allows fresh vegetables to be grown almost anywhere at a modest investment.

Features and benefits of FH365 include:

  • Use of minimal electricity or water
  • Produces little waste
  • Can grow the equivalent of more than 2.5 acres of produce per year in a 40-foot container
  • Operates 365 days per year regardless of weather
  • Approach uses no herbicides and no pesticides
  • Produce tastes better and can be grown and delivered wherever it is needed with little or no transportation
  • Immediate availability for restaurants, food banks and schools accessing nutritious, fresh produce
  • Provides new source for jobs

FH365 is a collaboration with Seneca Commercial Real Estate.

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