Our Team

Our developments and team of professionals are committed to our region, and our communities, focused on creating great experiences. We achieve this by working with Respect, Innovation, Service and Excellence.  Most importantly, our company’s impact will focus and encourage the development of its staff and endeavors to create diverse and inclusive employment opportunities in our region, based on the ethos of the name that defines us.

We are team Seneca.  We Think Bolder.  We Rise Higher.

Heather Stanley
Vice President of Finance & Administration

O: 314-370-6803
E: hstanley@seneca-cre.com

Kyle Smith
Project Manager
O: 314-370-6807
E: ksmith@seneca-cre.com

Lawrence R. Chapman
President and Chief Executive Officer
O: 314-730-1000
E: lchapman@seneca-cre.com

MJ Rodriguez
Executive Assistant
O: 314-391-2161
C: 636-778-8474
E: mjrodriguez@seneca-cre.com

Matthew Masiel
O: 314-370-6802
C: 314-920-9051
E: mmasiel@seneca-cre.com

Miranda Murphy
Project Manager
O: 314-370-6804
E: mmurphy@seneca-cre.com

Emma Butler
Administrative Coordinator
O: 314-730-1000
E: ebutler@seneca-cre.com